Our Certified Laboratory Delivers The Ultimate Performance

Imen Tiar Engineering Co. was established in 1999 with a goal to provide for the HSE requirements and the needs firefighting sections of large organisations working in the various fields of

1.  Oil, gas and petrochemical industries,

2.  Heavy industries,

3.  Municipalities,

4.  Power Plants.

Using their academic knowledge and technical and industrial expertise, the main founding core of the company had the ultimate goal of establishing an organisation suitable and responsive to the ever-growing and advanced requirements related to firefighting and safety.Hence, employing experienced engineers and experts in the field and provision of the adequate technical and manufactural means has always been of primary importance for the company. With the establishment of its R&D (Research and Development) section, Imen Tiar Engineering Co. has since been working to identify and fulfil its human and technical requirements.
In order to keep up with of the requirements of its customers and to maintain the highest quality for its products, Imen Tiar Engineering Co. has given the means to its managing board so as to imply the necessary controls in the best possible ways.

In year 2002, Imen Tiar Engineering Co. was awarded with the ISO9000-2001 certificate from S.G.S. company. This certificate has gained later credit by a change of version to ISO9000-2015. In the year 2013, the company was awarded with the CE certificate from QMS, Italy and large variety of products of Imen Tiar Engineering Co. were granted the use of this prestigious certificate.

In the year 2013, in accordance to a requisition of the company from the Iranian National Standard organization and after completion of various tests, the Iranian National Standard Certificate was awarded to the Imen Tiar Engineering Co. for its Hydrants and firefighting landings valves, under the code numbers 2481 and 6793-1.