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Turbo Ejector Pump

Product Model : TR-TP1 , TR-TP2

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Introduction to the Turbine/Vane Ejector Pump (Turbo Ejector Pump)

The turbine/vane ejector pump (Turbo Ejector Pump) has a wide range of applications for the precise evacuation of waste fluids such as petroleum-based liquids, wastewater, etc. In this type of pump, the pressurised water causes the rotation of a turbine, which in turn leads to the generation of the suction needed for the evacuation and displacement of waste material.

For the purpose of evacuation of waste material such as wastewater, petroleum-derived fluids, etc. a device is needed that is able to operate without electric power (which itself is a hazard and can cause fire). Such a device should be able evacuate waste and transport it to other areas.


Specifications of Turbo Ejector Pumps

1. A hydro-motor supplies the required motive force of the pump.

2. The pressurised water is fed via a hose from one side to the turbine and exits the other side by means of a second hose from the turbine outlet in order to circulate in the system.

3. The transformation of the energy of pressurised water to the mechanical energy, causes the rotation of the pump vanes and ultimately results in the evacuation of the leaked waste fluid (water, gasoil, gasoline, etc.) off the area.

4. The pump is also able to evacuate liquids and waste substances of foam off the floor.


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Properties and Advantages of the Imen Tiar Turbo Ejector Pumps


1. Lightweight and portable by a single individual.

2. Easy to use.

3. Evacuation of inflammable liquids safely and easily.

4. Environmentally friendly due to not wasting water and cleaning of the area from liquids that are harmful the environment.

5. Manufactured from high-quality aluminium alloys by the T6 thermal treatment.

6. The clean pressurised water used for running the pump can be recovered, since it remains clean and intact, without being mixed with the flowing waste liquids that are being evacuated.

7. Quick and easy evacuation of liquids and waste substances of foam.

8. Resistant against dust and dry running usage (when the waste liquid is not flowing in the pump).

9. Conformity to the DIN 14 426 standard.

10. Conformity of the inlets/outlets to the BS336 and Storz DIN standards.



Technical Features of the Imen Tiar Turbo Ejector Pump


Technical (Operational) Specifications of the Imen Tiar Turbo Ejector Pump



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