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Foam Dosing System

The foam package system has been designed and manufactured on the basis of a precise technique of liquid foam injection without the need for an external motive force. The system is thus capable of mixing various types of firefighting foam and vetting agents with water at different levels of pressure.


Description of the System and its Technology

The foam package system functions on the basis of injection of a fluid (foam liquid) into a pipeline carrying another fluid (water), while the mixing ratio is kept fixed at a predefined value.

In this technology, variations of water pressure or flowrate does not effectively interfere with the mixing ratio; thus the mixing ratio is essentially fixed. The energy needed for the system functionality is provided by the energy of the flowing water in the pipes and hence no external source of energy is required. Moreover, there is no need to drain the water inside the vehicle or the surrounding area. The technology used here could be as well utilised for injection of agricultural pesticides.

The system can be used for various types of foams including AFFF-R, AFFF, MBS, FFFP, gel-like firefighting foaming agents and chemical firefighting foaming agents. The main advantage of FPS (Foam Package System) is that it is able to incorporate a wide range of foaming agents and wetting agents in a very wide spectrum of flowrates without any issues whereas conventional electronical systems used for controlling the mixing ratio cannot inject foaming and wetting agents at extremely high or extremely low rates of flow.

The mixing ratio is kept excellently stable and fixed and the system can swiftly adapt itself to variations of water pressure by quickly adjusting the amount of injection of the foaming agents.

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Specifications and Features of the Imen Tiar Foam Dosing System


- Full utilisation of the energy of the flow of water without any need for external sources of energy.

- Capability to be functional continuously for extended periods.

- Not requiring special settings and configurations.

- Not requiring a pressured tank.

- Very low drop of water pressure while the system in working.

- Easy installation and setup.

- Easily washable after use.

- Capability to use various types of foams and wetting agents.

- Fixed foam-mixing ratio.

- Highly resistant against corrosion and friction.

- Compatible with automatic deluge vale systems.

- Easy repair and maintenance.

- Easy-to-adopt replacement for existing foam systems.

Technical Information of the Imen Tiar Foam Dosing System






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