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Deluge Valve

Product Model : TR-DV3 (3") , TR-DV4 (4"), TR-DV6 (6"), TR-DV8 (8")

Firefighting Systems

Water Systems



Introduction to the Imen Tiar Deluge Valve

A main valve is required within firefighting systems that work with either water or foam, which is able to quickly open the current of the fluid, in the minimum amount of time, in order to initiate the firefighting operation. This important role is played by the deluge valve. Essentially, deluge valve is a control valve, which is specialised for use in the automatic extinguishing systems.


The Operation of the Imen Tiar Deluge Valve

The deluge valve is opened and closed via the only moving part of the valve: the special sealed reinforced rubber, regularly known as the diaphragm.

1. Closed state: the pressure (P1) behind the diaphragm is equal to the main pressure (P2) of the water flow. This leads to closing of the deluge valve.

2. Open state: through evacuation of water behind the diaphragm, the pressure is reduced. As a result, the pressure of the main water inlet causes the instantaneous opening of the valve and the flooding of water.

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Specifications and Features of the Imen Tiar Deluge valve


1. Reliable operation due to the absence of moving mechanical parts.

2. Resistant against water hammer, while being able to be quickly opened and closed.

3. The sufficiency of atmospheric pressure for the complete closing of the valve (even during a pump malfunction, when the system is unpressurised).

4. Adjustable opening and closing speed.

5. The portability of the fully pre-assembled valve.

6. Both vertical and horizontal installation is possible.

7. Quick and easy activation.

8. Remote controllability of the valve.

9. Compact design that is suitable for tight spaces.

10. Able to provide the working pressure up to 21 Bars.

11. Possible to be produced with various types of coatings.

12. Possible to use various materials for manufacturing of the valve (due to different work conditions).

13. Possible to add new mechanisms by modifying the control circuit, e.g. for controlling of the outlet pressure, etc.

14. Easy repair and maintenance.

 The Components of the Imen Tiar Deluge Valve



 Technical Specifications of the Imen Tiar Deluge Valve 


Specifications Dimensions of the Imen Tiar Deluge Valve




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