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Firefighting Equipment

Firefighting ATV

The Firefighting ATV of Imen Tiar Engineering Company has remarkable mobility and maneuverability in rough terrain due to the utilization of an excellent suspension system, a powerful four-stroke engine, large tires and a robust chassis.
The ATV is four-wheel drive (4WD) but it can also be switched to 2WD.
The Imen Tiar ATV can carry firefighting or aid and rescue equipment to the hazard zone.

The Imen Tiar firefighting ATVs are firefighting/ aid and rescue vehicles that can be paired with different equipment to accomodate the intended application and can be used in various situations such as:

  • Forests, pastures and mountainous terrain
  • Areas recently struck by catastrophes or natural disasters (Earthquake, flood, etc.) Mobilization of heavy firefighting vehicles in such areas is tedious or totally impaired due to the damaged roads network
  • Very dense urban areas with narrow streets and passes such as old neighborhoods
  • Town and villages with narrow and impassable roads
  • Farms, plains and deserts in the suburban areas
  • Oil and gas sites, mines, power lines and pipelines


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