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IG Fire Suppression Systems

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Firefighting Systems
Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems
IG Fire Suppression Systems
Inert Gases (IGs) are clean, natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-conductive fire suppression agents that pose no threat to the human health.

Imen Tiar inert gas fire suppression systems provide a very effective means for fire protection in closed spaces such as offices, museums, galleries, libraries, control rooms, server rooms, computer and data processing facilities, power plants, mining facilities and etc.

Upon discharge of the inert gas agent, it floods the room within a few seconds and swiftly puts out the fire. Inert gas agents only consist of natural gases such as nitrogen and argon, thus, they have zero ozone depletion, no global warming potential and are totally eco-friendly.

Imen Tiar inert gas systems are integrated with sensitive fire detection systems to detect and suppress the fire, automatically in the minimum amount of time.


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