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Halocarbon Fire Suppression Systems

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Halocarbon Fire Suppression Systems

Using water to extinguish the fire is not always a wise choice! In fact, in some cases of fire in areas such as server rooms, data storage centres and control rooms where highly sensitive electronic devices are installed or storages in which high-value goods are stored, water can be as devastating as fire itself.

Imen Tiar halocarbon fire suppression system is an excellent solution for such cases. Halocarbon gases used in these systems consist of a range of electrically non-conductive, non toxic and clean firefighting agents. Imen Tiar Engineering Company provides HFC-125 and HFC-227ea (also known as FM200) agents for total flooding applications.

The halocarbon agents are clean and colourless gases which are environment friendly and have zero ozone layer depletion (ODP=0).

Similar to other Imen Tiar gaseous fire suppression systems, the halocarbon systems are automatic firefighting systems which are integrated with sensitive fire detection systems. These systems then, are able detect and suppress fire at its inception!

Upon detection of fire, the halocarbon agents are flooded into to area in order to dilute the oxygen content in the room to the level that fire can no longer sustain. The whole process is done in mere seconds.

The Imen Tiar halocarbon fire suppression systems are applicable to:

·         Data storage and processing centres, server rooms, control rooms and etc.

·         Telecommunications centres including cellular sites and switching centres.

·         Storages containing high-value assets or inflammable materials.

·         Libraries, museums, record archives and etc.

·         Military combat vehicles and marine engine rooms.

·         Commercial and recreational marine crafts and ocean liners.

·         ...

Using Imen Tiar halocarbon fire suppression systems leaves absolutely NO CHANCE FOR FIRE!


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