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Although Imen Tiar foam generators possess a high rate of foam delivery, they are light weight, small, compact and easy to handle.
The method of operation is very simple, provided that the main water supply has a pressure of at least 150 psi or a booster pump is utilized so that this pressure can be obtained. The water hose is coupled to the inlet of the generator, the foam compound induction hose connected to the water head of the generator and resultant foam is delivered through a length of fire hose or pipeline terminating in a foam nozzle or other form of foam discharge.
The method of foam production In Imen Tiar mechanical foam generators establishes a control where by the correct proportions of water, air and foam compound are always maintained within the generator, producing a consolidated jet of foam which ensures rapid coverage over large surface areas.
Foam generators made by Imen Tiar Engineering Company provide a simple, cost effective means of introducing foam concentrates into the water stream. They are calibrated to pick up between 1 to 6%.


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