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Pressure Reducing Valve

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Imen Tiar Pressure Reducing Valve

The pressure reducing valve of Imen Tiar Engineering Company is a type of control valve which can be used for water and non-corrosive fluids. This valve transforms the high and variable pressure at the inlet to a low and constant (adjustable) pressure at the outlet. The pressure reducing valve or pressure regulating valve (PRV) is typically installed after a branch pipe from the mains in order to regulate the outlet pressure of the fluid.
The user can easily adjust the outlet pressure in Imen Tiar pressure reducing valves by an Allen key; no other special tools are required.
The main body of Imen Tiar pressure reducing valves is made up of the best quality brass alloys which is produced by the casting and forge methods. The surface of the valves is nickel or chrome coated.

Reducing water consumption and better safety with Imen Tiar pressure regulating (reducing) valves.


Imen Tiar pressure reducing valves are available in different sizes from 15 mm to 50 mm. The models are as follows :








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