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Foam Inductors

Product Model :

In Line- Inductor


TR-ILI 225 (Capacity: 225 LPM)

TR-ILI 450 (Capacity: 450 LPM)

TR-ILI 900 (Capacity: 900 LPM)


In many firefighting operations, firefighting foam need to be induced into water with exact proportions. In-line foam inductors pick up foam concentrate and add them to the water which is flowing in the firefighting hose. This function is governed by the venture effect: The bottleneck in the inductor causes an increase in the speed of flow which in turn decreases the pressure of water. This local pressure drop creates the suction needed to pickup foam concentrate without any outside energy source.

Imen Tiar in-line foam inductors can pick up from 1% to 6% of foam concentrate. They are manufactured using highly durable and corrosion resistant materials. Each inductor is calibrated at Imen Tiar factory to ensure high performance foam mixing and precise foam to water proportions.



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